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Spring 2021


Click to watch the recording of the virtual opening reception

Nature is an indispensable part of human life. - It is the basis for human survival. Due to the breakout of COVID-19, people are suffering from illness, and experiencing pain, anxiety, loneliness, unknown and fear. Sanctuary- Growing Alongside Nature in an Uncertain World represents the mutual vulnerability, fragility, and resilience of nature and humans, and explores the healing power of nature in times of isolation and uncertainty. 


This exhibition displays artworks made during the pandemic, presenting artists’ personal experiences of how the sanctuary of the natural world helps them persevere and grow during these challenging times. 


We have seen enough misery and hopelessness. With Sanctuary, we expect to bring back the hope, resilience and inner peace for all who are seeking sanctuary for their spirit. Sanctuary invites people to reflect on the way we treat nature, heightening our appreciation for nature and the need to care for it in the future. 

Visit Our Sister Exhibition

SANCTUARY: The Zines Edition

SANCTUARY: The Zines Edition features works from students in Emily Fussner’s “Zines and Self-Publishing” class at Mason, inspired by and departing from the themes explored in Sanctuary.


The zines are exhibited in a hybrid virtual/physical exhibition space, with copies on display in Fenwick Gallery online and in Mason’s Fenwick Library. Printable versions of each zine are included, allowing viewers to keep their own, personal copy of each work.


Artist? Guest? Friend of a friend?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on how your experience with SANCTUARY was.

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